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Investments are long-term relationships. Invest in companies, whose business is interesting to you and has the potential to earn you profit even in 10 years. Take a fundamental approach towards the issue - read about the company's activities, read analysts’ opinions, review the latest reports. By choosing the right company for your portfolio, you won't have to worry about market turbulences, and you'll feel confident about your investments.

 What you should pay attention to:

  1. check the current profit per share and annual profit in the indicators. They should have been growing during the last five years.
  2. visit the company's corporate website to see how long and how often they have been releasing new products and services. Such events usually pull the price per share up.
  3. what position the company holds in its sector. Invest in the leaders and never in the laggards

Shares are not just a trading tool, but your stake in the business. If you are a shareholder, act accordingly: follow the news, predict trends and refrain from impulsive actions.

Advice! Remember, the market never stands still, and your shares can go up, get consolidated or adjusted downwards. To avoid losing too much in case shares fall in price, make sure you have a diversified portfolio. That way, while some shares will fall, others will go up and level out your portfolio.