Become a client
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First, top up your bank card. You can do it in any way convenient for you:

  • Via the online service of the Bank: once the card has been issued, you will receive an SMS with a personal link to top up your card with a card of any bank;
  • In FFIN Bank KZ app, section “Transfers”;
  • With cash in Cash-in ATMs of Freedom Finance Bank Kazakhstan;
  • With cash in Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan cash offices at any branch;
  • Via any website or service that supports card-to-card transfers.

Topping up of Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan bank cards is commission-free. The commission may be deducted by the sender's card issuing bank.

By topping up Invest Card you top up your nontrading D-account linked to your trading brokerage account. To transfer funds to your trading account:

  • Sign in to Tradernet
  • Go to Menu, then Select account
  • Select Savings D-account
  • Select nontrading orders in Menu
  • Go to Transfer between accounts in the Cash section
  • Specify the amount and select your trading account in the Beneficiary’s account number field
  • Click on Confirm. Your order will be executed within several minutes.