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The most important step a newcomer to investing needs to take is to start. The answer to the question “When to start investing” is today. Don't wait for the perfect time, it doesn't exist. Start now and keep investing throughout your life.

The earlier you start investing, the more assets you will have. Simple math works here - start now and you will need to invest less money each year to achieve your investment goals. Income grows over time, so it makes sense to stock up this valuable resource.

When thinking about investments, the first thing to do is to study your personal finance. First, check if you have a financial cushion. It should consist of the sum equal to the three-month expenses (at least) and save you in case of a pandemic, change of employment or any other unpredictable event in your life. Create your cushion, and you'll feel more secure immediately.

The next step is that you should not have any big debts or loans with high interest rates. If you have any, get rid of them first - they will still take a large portion of your earnings and will psychologically hamper your investments. Just don't touch the cushion! It's only meant for extreme situations.

When your debts have been paid off and you feel financially secure, you can think about the stock market, and - start. To make your first purchase of shares, choose a company which you know well and whose business you understand. That will be the first right step in analyzing the company to invest in.